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Through Blocks,

A Child…
  • has opportunity to use their large muscles.
  • chooses size and shapes. 
  • learns to us their own ideas.
  • learns to make decisions
  • begins to recognize the right of others.

Through Puzzles,

A Child…
  • develops fine mother skills and eye-hand coordination.
  • develops thinking, matching, and recognition skills,
  • develops problem-solving skills.
  • learns to associate, match, classify, and sequence.
  • can be encouraged to work together and make choices.
  • can develop feelings of satisfaction and competence. 
  • can hear Bible story conversation, verses, and songs. 

Through Books,

A Child…
  • learns to problem solve. 
  • develops an understanding of how to live and work with others. 
  • understands, identifies, and responds to emotional situations.
  • learns listening skills.
  • develops language and vocabulary.